PDX Transit Finder

The main screen displays a simple text field if you want to search a specific stop id. Otherwise you can fetch a list of routes from Trimet (which is cached locally to speed up subsequent views). If you have saved any routes or stops, you can view them from here also. "Nearby Stops" will determine your current location through GPS (if enabled) or the network-based locator and return a list of the stops closest to you.

The routelist shows your starred routes at the top. Routes expand to display their directions. Clicking the star icon on the right will toggle saved routes. Holding down on a route will give the option to read the route description online on Trimet.org.

This is the stop list for the "Nearby Stops" search. The stop name, id, and routes served are all displayed. Clicking on a stop will take you to the arrivals screen."

The arrivals screen displays all upcoming arrivals for the selected stop. Relational and absolute times are given. Trimet vehicles are equipped with GPS transponders, but sometimes that data is unavailable. In those cases, the Trimet arrival system falls back to scheduled arrivals. Those exceptions are highlighted with blue text. Holding down on a row will give the option to read the route description online.

This is the mapview for a "Nearby Stops" search. This view displays multiple stops in the vicinity and gives the option to load the arrivals right into the map. You can also use thumb-only navigation to cycle through the stops with the arrows at top.

PDX Transit Finder allows you to save your favorite stops to facilitate easy access to arrival information, right from the main screen.